Repair Parts for 2.5"/3" Beetle HOM HD
Bettle HD repair parts Top Plate          - 1 piece of 1.5mm Bottom Plate    - 1 piece of 3mm 2.5inch / 3.5mm 3inch Prop Guard      - 1 set = 4 piece TPU Parts   ...
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Repair Parts for 2.0" Beetle Mini
Bettle HD repair parts Prop Guard      - 1 set = 4 piece TPU Parts         - 1 set include Cam Holder/Cam protector/Antenna/CF antenna Screw Pack       - 1 set include all the screws used for Beetle Antenna ...
from $20.99
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Laser HD - Repair Parts
Repair parts for Laser HD racing frame. Bottom Plate - 3.5mm Carbon Fiber Top Plate - 2mm Carbon Fiber Splint Plate - 2mm Carbon Fiber Arm - 5mm Carbon Fiber 7075 Standoff - 30mm height Screw Package - 12.9 YFS...
from $11.59
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Lightning 2 Ultra Repair Parts
Arm                          - 1 piece Top Plate                  - 1 piece Middle Plate             - 1 piece Bottom...
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Demon S-Parts
Canopy color:white, red, green, pink, blue, violet, black, yellow,transparent Prop Guards Color: transparent,red, green, purple the color will be sent out randomly if you do not mark in the order. 
from $8.10
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