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Kobe 140 PNP
Kobe 140 PNP
Kobe 140 PNP
Kobe 140 PNP
Kobe 140 PNP
Kobe 140 PNP


Kobe 140 PNP

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Item: TransTEC kobe 140 PNP

Wheelbase: 140mm

Color: white/red plastic

Body:one piece body

Standoff: First Class CNC7075 aluminum-alloy

Plate material: full 3K carbon fiber

Bottom plate thickness:2.5mm(10mm wide)

Top/side plate thickness: 1.5mm

Screws: 10.9 class YFS Taiwan screw

Motor: 1306 3300KV

Flight controller: omnibus F3 mini built in OSD

Esc: 15a 4in 1

Camera: TransTEC 650line

VTX: 5.8ghz 25/200 mw switchable

Propeller: 3030 three blade propeller

Recommended battery: 3S-4S 550mah

Package dim: 26*21*9mm

Gross weight: 376g


Package Including:

Frame kit : lPC

Propeller Guard : 4PCS

M2.5*6 Screws for frame: 10PCS

M2*6 Screws for Flight controller: 4PCS

Upper case: lPC 


Recommend parts (not included):

Flight Controller:Omnibus F3/F4 Micro

ESC:15/20A4 in 1 Blheli

Motor: 1306/1407

Propeller :3030

Battery Recommend: 3-4S 550mah


Note: It is just a frame link, he camera on the picture is not included in the product.


There are new version is coming, the update may be as below:

1* F4 With Socket

When In Large Production

2* a smaller VTX

3* ESC (Soldering Work Finished if request)

4* White Canopy

5* a stronger Transparent propeller guards

6*  new design of small carbon fiber parts

7* New Standoffs With Chamfer Edge

8* A customs battery pad, a Battery Strap